101 Cute Hairstyles 2020 Images Trending Ideas {Short Hair/Long Hair}

Cute Hairstyles 2020: The definition of cute differs from person to person, but centrally the idea originates from inspiring innocence. Multiple haircuts and hairstyles give the person more cute look.

Here are a few of the styles you can try to receive the “cutie” tag for this year.

Cute Hairstyles

Cute Hairstyles 2020

Pigtails – Pigtails have been a classic for almost a century and have been worn by young and teenagers alike. This style is very easy to achieve and can be done in various ways. You can tie the pigtails using hair ties and also by simply using rubber bands.

The messy top knot – This is a casual and fun thing to do with your hair. It has come into style in the last decade and is an easy one to execute. You can use a hair tie to tie the bun or twist the hair and knot around itself at the top of your head. You can even braid your hair and then tie it into a top knot to achieve a more textured look.

Bangs and clips – That’s the iconic college cutie haircut. Normal bangs clipped to the temples. This can be achieved by cutting your hair evenly without layers and is best suited for straight-haired people. The cute impact comes through the clips on the temples so be sure to experiment with the colour and shape of the clips.

The High ponytail – The high ponytail is something of a “cute” trademark. Mostly cheerleaders and athletes carry this hairstyle. The addition of a scrunchie makes it more impactful.

The Bob – The classic bob is a cliché haircut that has been around for more than a century. You can style this cut in multiple ways and it is advisable to consult a good stylist before you make a decision.

Braids- Braiding your hair can be a simple and efficient way to get the cute look you want. It is hard to do by yourself at first but with a little practice, you should be on your glorious path to cuteness.

Fishtail Plait – A fishtail plait is a braid at the base and achieved with adding more sections to the braid. Symmetry is the key to achieving this flawless look and should be done with the help of a stylist.

Space buns/Princess Leia – These are a perfect choice for carrying around at music festivals like Coachella and comic-con. To achieve these buns, you need to part your hair in the middle and then take hair from each section and twist them into identical buns behind the temples. This is an iconic style from the 1970s and is sure to set you as the “cutie” of the festival.

Cute Short Hairstyles

Cute Short Hairstyles


You can try out all of the haircuts above and make your year at college the cutest year of your life. You can always consult a stylist when you are in doubt. See what suits you the best, and don’t be afraid to experiment. Take good care of your hair and always use quality products.