101 Fade Hairstyles 2020 Images Trending Ideas {Short Hair/Long Hair}

Fade Hairstyles 2020: Fades is one of the most current and coolest men’s hairstyles. Fade is everywhere because we can add this hairstyle on any type of hair or hair length.

The fade takes hair from short to shorter. The three main types of fade haircuts are low fade, medium fade, and high fades. This mainly refers to how high on the head the fade stars and also the grade of contrast.

Fade Hairstyles 2019

Fade Hairstyles 2020

The high fade – High fade style haircut is achieved by cutting hair ultra-short around the sides and back. A taper generally included allowing the focus to remain at the top and the face to receive an elongated appearance. This style suited for short or medium length hair at the top.

The medium fade – Medium fade or mid fade hairstyles are now even more popular. This hairstyle achieved by cleaning up the neckline and leaving sharp edges and starting the fade around the temples. Mid fades are also called drop fades, which are toward the back of the ears. The medium fade looks good on medium and short hair length.

The low fade – The low fade is the classic barber’s friend; the neckline is clean and there is still enough hair all around to style. You can always carry this, no matter what hair type of face type you have. The low fade starts just above the ear and fades to short hair at the base of the neck. The low fade generally paired with sharp scissor lines to achieve that crisp cut look.

The Skin fade – Skin fades are the hot modern look of the millennial man. The skin fade can use with all types of fades, high, mid or low, but the look is the best for mid fades. Depending upon the desired look the skin fade can add to any haircut the oomph that was missing. Fading the hair down to ultra-short and blending it with the skin focuses more attention towards the top and facial hair.

The taper – The taper is a longer fade. This is the type of style that lets people know you mean business. No other haircut can match the versatility of the taper. In taper, you just have to start above the temple with a hair length of about 2 inches and gradually fading out to the base of the nape. This is one of the oldest haircuts in the book.

The temple fade – This is the hairstyle that can be called the gateway haircut for all fades. The temple fade is exactly like it sounds; a fade dedicated solely for your temple.

Beard Fade – This is a fade for the facial hair. Remember to fade the beard you need to grow out the beard for quite some time, and contrary to popular belief, growing a beard requires a lot more car than growing hair.  The barber becomes a weekly routine instead of monthly as beards grow out faster in the initial stages.

Conclusion – Fade Hairstyles

Fade Haircuts are Rapidly growing through the men’s fashion word and are best suited for all face types and are especially helpful to people with rounder faces.

If you decide to get a fade, remember that maintenance is paramount, and the health of your hair is only as good as the food you eat. In addition to one thing is that Don’t forget to consult with your barber and rock that fade like a boss.