101 Belle Hairstyle How to Create Solution 2020

Belle Hairstyle: Bonjour, Belle! We show you how to recreate Belle’s enchanting hairstyle. You just need a yellow satin ribbon to complete the look. And you’ve got to check out this pretty princess bun.

I love how Emma Watson’s hair in the film mimics Belle’s in the animated movie, and that they left that messiness to it. Remember how Belle had that one strand that always fell out of place?

Belle Hairstyle How to Create Solution 2019

Belle Hairstyle How to Create Solution 2020

Surprisingly, Emma’s hair in the film is easy to recreate. All you need are a few rubber bands, a brush, and a little bit of magic to create two effortless hair looks. These two hairstyles may be simple, but they will make a statement. So throw on your fave blue dress, pink lip balm, and let’s dive right in!

Belle hair tutorial is inspired by Disney’s new “Beauty And The Beast.”  A beautiful half-up hairstyle which is worn with the gorgeous yellow ball gown in the dancing scene with the Beast.

We are so excited about the new live-action Beauty and the Beast Disney movie coming out on March 17, 2017. And we could not wait to film this hair tutorial! We have loved watching Emma Watson for years and think she will make the perfect Belle.

Belle Hairstyles

Belle Hairstyles

Before filming this tutorial, we tried searching the internet for a clear picture of this hairstyle from an actual movie still shot but were unsuccessful. So, this is our perceived rendition and not an exact replica.  Based off of the animated movie and books, seeing Belle at Disneyland, etc.

We know her classic style is a half up with curls, with some type of bun in the back, possibly featuring a yellow ribbon or gold hair accessory of some sort. Of course, although our minor details may not be spot on with the new movie, this hairstyle will definitely pass for Belle! We can’t wait to see the actual authentic details when we go watch this in the theatre next month!

This hairstyle is fairly easy to make (for a Disney Princess hairstyle) and would be great to go with a Princess Belle Halloween costume, a day at Disneyland or Disney World, a Disney Princess party, watching the Beauty and the Beast movie premiere, etc.

Make a Disney Princess Belle hairstyle!

Princess Belle Hairstyle

Princess Belle Hairstyle

This hairstyle was inspired by the hair Belle was wearing with her lovely yellow ball gown in the Disney movie “Beauty And The Beast.”

Items needed to complete this look:

2 Elastics
A few tiny claw clips
1 Bracelet
1 Knee-high sock matching your hair colour

Beauty and the Beast Belle Hairstyle

Beauty and the Beast Belle Hairstyle

Supplies needed to recreate this glamorous hairstyle: 3 small or medium hair elastics Several bobby pins Finishing hair spray To create the voluminous bun for this style, we used our “Hollywood Half Up” accessory made by Scunci.

When we saw this tool at Walmart, we thought it would be perfect for helping to create Belle’s hairstyle and it really was simple to use. We have an older Belle hair tutorial showing another idea for making the bun from several years ago if you want to check that out.

This Bell hairstyle could also be created by following the first few steps shown in our video, and then making a regular twisted, braided, or messy bun with the half ponytail and tying a yellow ribbon around it, or adding a gold clip or barrette.

Tips: This hairstyle works best with medium length or long hair.

Belle Hairstyle

Belle Hairstyle

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