101 Easy Hairstyles 2020 Images Trending Ideas {Short Hair/Long Hair}

Easy Hairstyles 2020: Hairstyling can be a task when you want to look good and don’t know what looks good on you. You don’t have to worry because it is not that difficult.

We have a collection of some really simple hairstyles that don’t require you to do much.

Easy Hairstyles 2019

Easy Hairstyles 2020

Leave it be – Once you’ve decided what kind of cut you want to get, go to the salon and get it. Make sure you cut it evenly and add some layers for texture. After that, all you need to do is find some serum and apply it evenly toward the tips. Grab a hairbrush and get rid of the tangles and comb to achieve an even texture on the top.

Ponytail – The ponytail is a classic that you can use in all situations in life. If you have medium to long hair, all you need to achieve this is a comb and a hair tie. After a gentle combing, gather the hair and form a pony at the back of the head. Use the hair tie to secure it in place and if you want, you can add a scrunchie to achieve the bubbly look.

The undercut – This is more of a haircut than a hairstyle, all the work is for your barber and all you have to use is some hair cream and your fingers. Ask your barber for the amount of fade that would suit you. Once you have achieved the cut, grab some hair cream and spread it generously through your hair and push it to one side with your fingers.

The crew cut – This hairstyle, like the undercut, is more dependent on the haircut than the hairstyle. Once you have gotten a standard crew cut, all you need is a comb. You can keep your hair healthy with simple weekly conditioning to achieve the natural shine.

The slicked back – The slicked back is a classic style that was invented before hairspray was available. All you need is a decent mid-length haircut and some wet hold gel. Apply the gel to the hair and push it back toward the nape of your neck. Using a comb to push the hair back lets you achieve a very slick look.

Go bald – Going bald is something everyone should experience at least once in their life. If you have striking features on your face, then this might be a good idea as it will balance the extremities. This requires some effort to maintain as you have to shave regularly.

The buzz cut – The buzz cut was popularized by the rap legend Eminem and was a hit during the late 2000s. This is an easy hairstyle to maintain and all you need is a clipper.

The bun – This is what your grandma would do on a Saturday when she wanted to relax. This is easy to achieve, and you need to do is gather your hair and twist it into a bun by tying it around itself at the back of the head. You can use grips to hold it in place and use a braid to add some flair.

Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair


Don’t be afraid to experiment. Ask your barber or stylist to know what would suit you the best. Also, these are easy hairstyles, but putting effort into maintaining your hair and styling it is always worth the effort.