101 Facial Hair Styles 2020 Images Trending Ideas {Short Hair/Long Hair}

Facial Hair Styles 2020: Facial hairstyle has now become one of the important parts of grooming. Through the centuries, facial hair had become an integral part of the soldier’s uniform. But in civilian life, facial hair has always been a competitive point and men have developed multiple styles, of which a few have stayed on top for a long time.

Facial Hair Styles 2019

Facial Hair Styles 2020

The stubble – The easiest to grow, and the easiest to maintain. The stubble is between 0.5 to 2 mm in length. It is nothing but a few days of hair growth and requires regular maintenance.

The Sideburn – This is a simple style that can bring the best features of your face into focus if done right. This is relatively easy to maintain an does not require too much more than a razor to design.

Mutton chops – Mutton chops are sideburns that extend till the chin. The hair on the chin and the moustache are cleaned and sideburns are left. The mutton chops are a very intimidating style to carry and have been used for a long time.

The goatee – The goatee is a style that involves styling the hair on the chin whereas the hair on the neck and cheeks is shaved off. This is one of the most versatile styles. Nowadays many people sport these facial hair

The moustache – The moustache is mostly the first facial hair that grows on a man’s face. This is also a really great tool that allows you to add flavor to your face and display your personality. The moustache is a symbol of pride for centuries through many cultures.

The soul patch – If you are more of a clean-shaven guy, but don’t want to appear completely barren, the soul patch is a good place to be at. This patch under the lower lip is a relatively recent style that creates new styles. This is a simple style to maintain and does not require any care.

Clean-shaven – This is classic and has been around more than any other style. This was the first thing man did after he invented the razor. For this reason, man invented the shaver. This all-time classic is a favourite of the ladies and is the easiest to maintain. This suits all face types and hair types.

Although taking care of the skin through keeping it moisturized and using aftershave to keep it disinfected is a very good practice.

The full beard – The full beard is where the beard is grown out and shaped to the desired length. The boxed beards are a part of the full beard family. There are so many options in styling a full beard. This is a hard one to maintain as focusing on shape and equal level trim is something that is hard to achieve by yourself.

Men's Facial Hair Styles

Men’s Facial Hair Styles


Facial hair is a very good way of expressing through style. It is generally a good window into your personality and a brilliant topic for conversations. Consult with your barber to find out what suits you the best and then take a decision. Growing and maintaining facial hair takes patience and skill, so be sure you are ready for the undertaking.