101 Hairstyle Generator 2020 Images Trending {Short Hair/Long Hair}

Hairstyle Generator 2020: Hairstyle generators are the craze of the tech world. This is something that allows every individual to test out looks before actually getting a haircut.

Brands like loreal have taken the lead role in making software which allows their clients to get a feel of how they would look after a certain haircut. There are a lot of hairstyle generators on the internet, here are a few pros and cons.

Hairstyle Generator 2019

Hairstyle Generator 2020

How to use – Most of these apps are simple to use and only require a front camera on your phone. Some of the apps are not compatible with all devices so make sure you have a device that is compatible.

Things to keep in mind – All of these apps can give you only a decent idea of how a hairstyle or hair color will look on you. There is hardly any software that will give you a perfect match to real life and most of the times you will only get a semi-decent idea of what to do. consult your stylist before trying this app if possible.

Play around – Make sure you play around enough with these apps. There are so many of them that you are going to have a ball trying them out. Try out multiple styles before choosing one. Ask your friends and family about something you like, ask them to compare it with the other styles. Don’t rush into a styling decision.

The Apps and Websites

Hairstyle Try on:  This app is available on play store and it allows you to try on a large number of hairstyles. It can be used by both men and women and it is a very good option when you want to try something new. There are various options in hair color as well and you can choose what you like. You can save photos and compare anytime.

The loreal Style my hair: This app is available on play store as well as the apple store. This does not let you try different haircuts but allows you to try hair colors efficiently. This uses the shades that loreal offers and give you a better result on how you would look with hair color.

Fabby look – This is an app developed by a Google developer and is very effective. This app allows you to change hair color and developing in the stage for hair cuts. The colors are really cool, and the photographs are very realistic. This app is guaranteed to give you a feel of how a color looks on you.

UKhairdressers.com – This website has a styling section that allows you to upload your own photograph and try on various hairstyles. It has a limited selection and is suited for both men and women and allows you ample variations.

Your barber or stylist – This isn’t an app or a website, no matter how good machines become, your stylist will still know what is best for you. Just like a doctor, if you don’t like what your stylist has suggested, you can go to another one and ask for an opinion.


The trend of trying out hairstyles has only been possible due to the advent of technology. Earlier the barbers and styles used wigs or frames to achieve the effect. By using the applications above you can also find out the best hairstyle for yourself.