101 Harry Styles Hairstyles 2020 {Short Hair/Long Hair} Images

Harry Styles Hairstyles 2020: Over the years this young Pop sensation has gained as much praise for his hair as his music. In the last decade, this young star has stunned everyone with his style and choice of hairstyles.

He has deformed from a young boy with messy hair into a man with flowing locks and to a star with a crisp haircut. Here are some things you can do to look like harry styles.

Harry Styles Hairstyles 2019

Harry Styles Hairstyles 2020

Hair length – There are two major hair lengths Harry Styles has sported over the last decade, Medium and long. But don’t worry, you can carry some of his looks even on the shorter side of medium.

Hair health – Condition of hair must be good to achieve any hairstyle. This means that you have to care for it every day. No amount of styling will make your hair look good if they are not healthy at the base. You can care for your hair by choosing the products that suit your hair and give them a natural shine.

Styling products – You’ll require a lot of effort to replicate his hair strand hairstyle and also a good stylist. But if you just want to look like him and don’t really care if it’s not an exact replication the here is the list of products you will need: A texture salt spray, a comb, a good hairdryer, Hair wax, a mousse, Serum and some hairspray.

The mop of Mr Styles – This was the peak of the boy band One Direction and this style made all his fans fall head over heel for this messy hairdo. This is a medium to long length hairstyle and noted with an exaggerated sweep to the side. This was somewhere in the curly-wavy section and would be a great option for people with naturally wavy hair.

The bouffant – Many people replicate this hairstyle of Harry Styles. What Harry did differently was that he didn’t hide his hair behind his ears, instead chose to let it hang loose. It also included a short quiff at the front and a minor side part. It requires a lot of effort to achieve this.

First, you need flat layers in your haircut, it helps if your hair naturally quiffs to one side. Apply some mousse to the hair and use a hairdryer to create some volume and smooth it out with wax later.

The flowing Rockstar locks – This requires less maintenance when it comes to the cut, but a lot more care when it comes to washing and using products. You need at least shoulder length for this style. You just need some wax or mousse, and a salt spray. Pull all the hair back, then quiff a little at the front with a little wax or mousse, then add some salt spray and let it allow to dry naturally.

The short back and sides – Mr Styles did this specifically for a role in the movie Dunkirk where he playing a soldier. Achieving this is easy and is for those on the shorter side of the medium. Apply hair cream and push the hair back and quiff upfront using dryer or hairspray.

Hair accessories – When it comes to accessories, Harry Styles knows them all. Bandanas and headbands go better with the medium and short hairstyles, but a bandana can also be used for the long hairs. Mix and match how you want it and consult your barber.

Harry Styles on Zayn Malik Hairstyles

Harry Styles on Zayn Malik Hairstyles


Harry Styles is slowly becoming a style icon and loved by all for his style statement. The young boy has shown some serious style quotient and will continue to do so in the future. Meanwhile, you can try these styles out and find out if it suits you.