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Long Hairstyles for Women 2020: Hair looks good in every length, but the longer the hair, the more you can sport it in various styles. Historically long hair was directly associated with the beauty and fertility of a woman, but the world is a different place now and hair has become a prime way of expressing individuality.

Here are a few hairstyles you can try with your long locks.

Long Hairstyles for Women 2019

Long Hairstyles for Women 2020

Long layered haircuts are an better choice to get some of volume, and to change things up without essentially going short. Layered type hairstyles as well as haircuts for the longer hair are perfection” it works so well with the trendy hair colours, and they are blissfully easy for styling.

Long, short and round shaped face for all types of the faces layered hairs looks better.

There are many varieties of the layers for creating the different effects depending on the personal requirements.

Hair at every length look always a good. But long hairs gives any women a power and even more confidence to have fun with colours, with layers, and with styles. If you are a one of the lazy-girl and you would rather bypass fussy styles.

Then, here are the some of the hairstyles which will suit you and for that you do not even spend and waste time more than 10- 15 minutes.

The Beehive – The beehive is dependent on backcombing. Backcombing is a when a comb is used to in the opposite direction of the hair, i.e. from tip to root. The hair from the side and front is gently combed over the hive and pinned behind to give a smooth appearance.

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The waterfall Braid – The waterfall braid is one of the simple yet elegant hairstyles. This is perfect for summers as it allows the wind to play with your hair without disturbing the way you styled your hair.

Flowing locks – If you have long hair, and you want everyone to know, then keeping them in open might be the best idea. Be sure to have some subtle layers and some wavy texture to maximize the grandeur of your hair.

The High ponytail – The high ponytail is something of a trademark. Generally, teens and young adults carry this hairstyle. Anyone can carry this hairstyle. The tight high ponytail gives you a very striking appearance and makes a lot of heads turn around. So, you can try this for sure in the summers.

Faux Dreadlocks – You can create dreadlocks which do not have to be treated with any chemical. This makes it really easy for people who want to try dreadlocks but do not want the commitment. The locks are a very intricate process to master, so don’t try this by yourself and go to a salon with a photograph. A good salon will give you the results you want.

Total curls – This hairstyle requires regular maintenance and that is why it is less preferred. The curls are a great idea if you have flowing locks and want to add some volume. This has been a classic since the 1980s and looks beautiful when done right.

Braids – Braiding your hair is one of the best things for a person with long hair. Braids are easy to manage and can last two to three days if treated with care. The braids are a little hard to master at first, but once you’ve had your practice, you have nothing to worry about. There are a lot of variations of a braid you can try.

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Classic Layers – This is one of the most common haircuts when it comes to long hair. This is because layers look different from everybody. Layers are something that morphs into a person’s personality and brings out the best in them. So, if you want layers you got them.

  1. Layers:

If any girl thinking about the hair change in themed -year but she loves her long hair do not want to sacrifice her long length hairs then must try this type of layered style.

This hairstyle basically suits to both fine as well as thick types of the hairs, as it can be used for making the depth and dimension as well as break up the dense look of ‘hair helmet’.

Basically, layers mean simply the stylist will cut her hair to various lengths. The proper position and layers length will be adjusted to the flatter the shape of the face.

For example, for long as well as airy layers look it is the best on square also the round shape faces, while oval shaped faces look better with soft, and subtle layers.

A long hairstyle along with the layers is a good way to give the girl mane more movement, texture as well as to bounce without a change.

Long layered hairs seem amazing even if they are simple. Not everybody can manage for cultivating their hair. Some just cannot transcend a genetic span other struggle along with brittleness, and from time to time, long hair may only be a burden — it’s literally hefty. in case if a person are in the last group, layered hair cut would be the ideal change for that. It is possible fr increasing the hair to envious spans with no heaviness that hair communicates with it.

  1. Long Bob:
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There is a reason for all fashion editors across the whole world who just love the long hair bob cut otherwise known as the ‘lob’.

This haircut is super sophisticated, chic also it is easy for maintaining, and it flatters each shaped face because the cut ends of some inches below the chin.

Unlike a bob, there is no risk of making the girl’s face even look wider or squarer. Bob is the most on-trend way for styling a lob is with an off-centre part and from this haircut, the look get is having  some extra volume at the roots of the hairs. Keep the hair smooth and straight for this kind of look and it is supposed to be chic, yet understated.

Long Hairstyles for Women

Long Hairstyles for Women


Having long hair is something that every woman dream of having since childhood. But this dream becomes hard to realize as you grow up because long hair requires regular maintenance. But if you do have long hair then don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles, although be wary of cutting your hair too short. Ask your stylist to learn about what would be best for you. And rock the world.