Top 10 Male Hairstyles in 2020 – Must Have Haircuts for Men

Male hairstyles: Haircut is really very important that a man should consider for himself to build up an image in front of people and to look decent. There is no particular hairstyle that will look good on everyone; hairstyles mainly depend more on the type of hair you have rather than the haircut you get.

If you have a circular face, it’s better to go with small on sides to have a better jawline. On the other hand, if you have diamond-shaped hair or unusually big face, long hair on the side might look better.

male Long Shaggy Hairstyles For Guys

Shaggy straight hairstyles:

Such haircut suits well on straight hairstyles. Shaggy hairstyle in straight hairs involves medium front locks that help hide the long forehead and focus on the toned cheek and jawline areas, the rest of the back hairs look best with many locks.

Razor crop hairstyles:

Razor crops are best suited for young men and provide them with confidence to approach both life and fashion equally.

Shaggy crop curly hairstyles:

It looks somewhat messy, but it gives a stylish look if you have a curly type of hair. It not only suits for the party but also official hours.

They give a sophistical coolness in one look, which is kept purposefully out of place. Such hairstyles with few curly locks in the front suits very well with blazers and courts

Medium shaggy hairstyles:

For getting a boy-next-door look, medium length shaggy hairstyles are perfect. They give a sexy disobedient attraction fitting equally high-quality for social gathering as well as for official look. It is best for young boys as this hairstyle gives them a playful mature look. It makes a boy look more energetic, adventurous, yet hardworking guys.

Long hairstyles:

Many men like to keep extremely long hairs. Long hairstyles make a man look more tough, daring, confident, and sexy! Long hairs can be sported along with few twists in it, such as tying them up, French platting them, or simply adding some colors in the hairs.

Such hairstyles are mainly opted or chosen by people who have a sensitive side along with masculinity in their personality, such as painter, musician, theatre artists, philosophers, etc.

Set wet royal hairstyles:

If you have perfectly toned, not the body but also the face, you should try hairstyles for once. Hairstyles give a royal feel in one normal image.

Long length layered hairstyles:

Long length hairs add a classic charm in one’s image. With long layers, it makes a man elegant and sophisticated. A layer, when done in long wavy hair, adds more texture and volume in the hairstyle.

Such hairstyles are easy to handle as they can change their hairstyles by using different hair styling machines or gels or creams. Such hairstyle, when left loose, they can make a funky hairstyle, but when well set by using creams or gels, it gives a complete cooperate look.


Modern Pompadour is one of the most trending hairstyles. If you’re entering all your college, this will be the best option for your haircut; there is a certain process of getting the pompadour starting with washing your hair and finishes with a blow-dryer.

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