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Pubic Hair Styles 2020: Pubic hair is a topic that has been shunned by a lot of stylists and has rarely been talked about. It is taboo, to say the least, but worry now, it doesn’t have to be. Styling pubic hair can be a tough job and men and women both have to deal with their partners not taking care of themselves.

There are so many ways to style pubic hair and most of them are really easy. Put in some time of your day, once a week and you have a beautiful looking underbelly that makes a statement by itself.

Pubic Hair Styles 2019

Pubic Hair Styles 2020

The Bermuda triangle – This is by far the most popular style after the Brazilian. But If you do not want to take the pain of going through with something that extreme, the Bermuda triangle is just the thing to do.

A simple triangle, pointing towards where you want your partner to look. The most popular way to do it is ending it just before your genitals. This is perfect to do with a bikini and does not make you worry about showing things you don’t want people to see. Both men and women can sport this style.

The Martini glass – The martini glass is a Bermuda triangle with a small strip running down from the tip of the triangle to your clitoris. This is more popular among women and is a really easy one to do.

The 5 o’clock – This is just what it sounds like, a 5 o’clock shadow of the last time you shaved. This is the easiest of the lot and there is not much to explain. This saves you from the itchiness of growing hair and does not require much upkeep. You do have to shave every week though.

The landing strip – This one is just a small vertical strip of hair that leads your partner to your hotspot. Men and women have both been sporting landing strips for quite a while now.  This is an easy style to do, although you have to be careful around the sensitive area.

The Brazilian – This is serious stuff. The Brazilian is a style that cleans you up from your belly button to the backside, leaving no traces of hair. This is by far the most popular style and is also the most well received. This is also the most difficult to do as the process can be a little painful. The result, however, is squeaky clean. There has to be ample mental and physical preparation to do this the first time.

The carpet and drapes – This is considered a bold move, no matter how you shape your pubic hair.  This is much more of a choice and does it only if you feel like it. If you do decide to do it, make sure the products you use are safe for sensitive areas.

Conclusion –

No matter what you decide to do with your cooch, be sure to spread awareness about hygiene and styling. Ask your partner what they would like, and there are very few things that can spice your sex life up like a new haircut for your bush and a new ghillie for your willy. (Pubic Hair Styles 2020)