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101 Samurai Hairstyle 2019 {Short Hair/Long Hair} Trending Ideas Images

Samurai Hairstyle 2019
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Samurai Hairstyle 2019: The samurai hairstyle, originally known as a chonmage, refers to the peculiar way in which Japanese warriors would tie their hair.

This haircut was originally used by warriors to make sure their helmets sat firmly on their head, and the hair formed a cushion between their head and the metal. This soon became a status symbol in Japan, as the samurai were Feudal lords and not everyone was allowed to tie their hair in a bun.

Samurai Hairstyle 2019

Samurai Hairstyle 2019

The modern samurai – Today the samurai hairstyle is widely practiced and has been transformed from the medieval untamed haircut to a sharp and smooth style that is a mixture of a topknot and a man bun. This is still looked at as a classy way of expressing your individuality.

The classic top knot – The samurai top knot is a simple alteration of the ponytail. The ponytail is tied high on the back of the head and then it is folded over and tied again to form a square or around, according to preference.

The half up man bun – This was the first westernization of the samurai knot where the hair at the back of the head would be allowed to hang free and the rest would be tied up on the top of the head forming a bun. This style is popular even today and you can see a lot of men sporting it alongside a beard.

The undercut samurai – This is a much modern take on the samurai top knot. This cut is achieved by doing a standard undercut on the side but leaving the hair on the top of the headlong. This gives a very warrior like appearance and was used in the “Vikings” series.

The loose top knot – This is a more casual approach to the top knot and is generally used to ease the tension on the head. This is easy to achieve; all you need is a hair tie. Grab the hair with your hands and tie it into a loose bun at the top of the head. The bun will automatically slide to the back and you get a casual samurai bun.

Braided samurai bun – This is not a very popular samurai knot as the samurai would rarely knot their hair using braids. But this style has gained some popularity in recent years. This requires some practice to do by yourself, and it is common practice to braid only half of the hair and leave the rest open when you tie it into a top knot.

The tower knot – This is closer to the original knot sometimes, but it is more of a standout than the others, the hair is gathered high at the back and a vertical column is tied using a string or a clip. This gives the men the appearance of being taller and the hair appears more voluminous.

The low knot – This is just a modification of the ponytail and is something that a medieval Japanese man would sport. The hair is tied into a loose ponytail and it is then folded under itself, sometimes tied into a bun at the bottom of the head. This is a casual look that can be worn even in professional environments.


The samurai hairstyle is a very old fashion statement that is still rocking the world. You can do this in multiple styles and the hair does require some care. This warrior style is sure to turn some heads on the street and makes you appear more confident about the way you look. (Samurai Hairstyle 2019)

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