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The Beehive Hairstyle 2020: The beehives are a hairstyle also known as the B-52 is a hairstyle which is styled by piling the hair up in a tapering shape on the top of the head and pointed slightly backward, which resembles with the beehive.

It has an uncanny resemblance to the B-52 aircraft, that is why it is named as B-52 beehive hairstyle.

The Beehive Hairstyle 2019

The Beehive Hairstyle 2020

History of the Beehive – Chicago’s Margaret Vinci coiffures created this hairstyle in 1960. It has survived for more than half a century.

Hair length – The beehive is a medium-to-long hair length hairstyle. You need at least shoulder length hair to achieve a decent beehive. It works best if your hair is straight. The beehive is really not a style for curly hair.

Hair health – The beehive is a hairstyle that can be hard on the hair, so make sure you have no prior damage on your hair as this can worsen the condition. We suggest doing the beehive for special occasions as doing it regularly might damage your hair.

Having completely dry and hair conditioning is essential before beginning to style the beehive.

How to style – The beehive is primarily dependent upon backcombing. Backcombing is a process where a comb is used to in the opposite direction of the hair, i.e. from tip to root. For the beehive, this is done to a section as long as the beehive’s desired height. The hair from the side and front is gently combed over the hive and pinned behind to give a smooth appearance. The rest of the hair is generally left hanging as is, or slightly curled to give a complete appearance.

Half up half down Beehive – This is the most popular style of a beehive. This is the modern take on the beehive and does not require a complete commitment to the hive. The hair in the front and top is formed into a beehive that’s not too tall, but noticeable.

The bun-hive – This is another style which people use who don’t want to go all-in for the beehive. This is a simple variant in which the hair at the top and sides are taken to form a hive and the hair at the back, just under the hive. Adding Braids to the bun gives texture to it.

Swirl beehive – The swirl beehive is a modern interpretation of the classic beehive. This is easy to achieve and can be made fancier by decorating with flowers.

The side sweeps beehive – This hairstyle is regular by taking the hair for beehive from the side-part. This makes the beehive look more dramatic. The headband and tiara will add more flair to this hairstyle.

the Beehive Hairstyle 1950s

the Beehive Hairstyle 1950s


The Beehive is an iconic style from the 1960s which has stuck around through the decades because of its ability to refine any style. This hairstyle suits for all face types. Having healthy hair Is really important. Consult your stylist if you cannot achieve this by yourself. The Beehive isn’t getting the most attention,  but those who like Beehive, they loved it.!