101 The Bob Hairstyle 2020 [Very Short Bob Haircut / Medium Haircut]

The Bob Hairstyle 2020: The Bob is over a century old and is still here, this tells you something, it is a haircut that isn’t everybody’s ballgame. This was first introduced in France by a polish Hairdresser by the name of Antoine. Over a century has passed and people still turn to look at Antoine’s gift to the world.

Bob is always trendy hairstyle and it is also a stylish. No matter if, user select to get bangs with this haircut or not, it will still look perfectly, in case user take care of it properly.

Many of the women ranges of different age loves long bob hairstyles since a long time.

There are so many ways to cut a bob as the haircut has evolved over the century and has become a style statement like no other. some few ways you can get yourself a Bob cut as follows.

101 The Bob Hairstyle 2019

The Bob Hairstyle 2020

The Choppy Bob – This is a perfect way of saying: medium hair, don’t care. This haircut has a chilled attitude. it is not like other Bob styles, the hair isn’t all cut to the same length but has layers. This layered cut is trendy and easy to handle. It looks good even if it is messy. It doesn’t require constant attention and has very low maintenance.

Stack Bob – a stack bob haircut in which hairs loaded in the back.

Stacked Bob – A stacked bob cut loaded in the back. With this haircut, your hair is angled toward the chin and longer in the front and at the back, it is longer. with progressive layers for a textured finish, and voluminous appearance.

The classic bob – A bob cut a short-to-medium-length haircut in which the hair is generally cut straight around the head at near the jawline. The bob is one if the most liked haircuts of the twentieth century.

An inverted bob – An inverted bob is different than stacked bob. Instead, it focuses on a straight cut going from longer in the front to shorter at the back. it has long bangs left hanging at the front in most of the cases.

The pixie cut – This is the millennial’s interpretation of Bob and has been widely accepted throughout the world. The Pixie-bob is a gorgeous and exclusive hair design that you would want to wear on your cute, short hair.

The pixie is much like the basic bob but is edgier and is easy to achieve. This unbalanced look gives people a chance to flaunt the favourite side of their face.

Curly Bob – The bob is a hairstyle suitable for all hair types and the curly bob is one of the best-looking bobs out in the world. The short curly bob inspires an image of a confident woman and is cute at the same time. This is easy to manage and does not require a lot of maintenance. This can also be achieved through crochet weaving and the results are stunning.

Mohawk bob – This is the boldest of the Bobs. It requires considerably shorter hair on the sides than on the top and back.  In the Mohawk bob, combed placed on one side and other side skin left exposed.

Slicked Back bob – In Slicked Back bob, the hair is cut a little longer and all slicked back to the nape of the neck  Slicked Back bob uses a wet hold hair gel and a blow drier for naping of the neck. This is a very crisp look and needs some practice to achieve on a daily basis.  Works best when paired with minimal jewellery.

  1. Short hair bob hairstyle:

Pixie bob:

The pixie bob is one of the more famous and popular short haircuts that any women can have when she is in the age of 50 or the women who are older.

This pixie bob with bronze blonde hair colour has tons of depth and dimension which extra to the movement of the haircut.

Feathered at ends bob:

A feathered at ends of the bob may add some thickness to their hair type and also it maintains a perfect and suitable texture which a flattering option for all the types of hairs.

There is also another modern hairstyle like an Inverted bob which are a modern take on the classic bob.

  1. Medium hair bob hairstyle:

Textured wavy medium-length bob haircut:

This bob haircut is composed of a cute flick which are aptly chopped, tousled and also skilfully toned for getting this amazing look.

Try to go for the textured wavy choppy bob haircut with the length at the nape and then it angled front pieces.

This is the quality haircut for those having hairs of thick textured, styling one’s mane will be a breeze.

Tapered auburn bob:

This tapered auburn bob hairstyle is consisting in the Medium bob hairstyles which having tapered silhouette that looks best for fine and medium textured hair specially for straight hairs.

It is better for pairing these a chic haircut with a rich monochromatic colour and this bob haircut is style with root hair volume.

Tapered auburn bob haircut resembles Lovely, classy and feminine.

Shaved back bob:

By creating this look of shaved back bob just make you hairs lightweight and even gorgeous with a slightly layered bob that features a surprise.

Being hidden under the top most hair layer, the haircut like undercut is ideal cut for those females who wishes to thin hair or use an better and easier styling tip and trick for keeping your hairs in place.

Glossy reddish-brown bob along with V-cut layers:

Glossy hair is basically the result of a schedule cantered about the health of the hair. The better way for maintaining some moisture as well as for maintaining some shine then one must have to balance the levels of moisture and protein in their hair.

By identifying the proper amount of the porosity in the hair strands, use likewise idea hair products. As, there is highly need of the protein for the hairs which are highly porous, whereas the hairs that are less porous needs hydrating care.

Poker straight choppy bob:

This is the famous medium bob haircut which looks even cute is it has given a cut of choppy angled.

Keep hairs straight for a look of piece-y that will have one the cutest one on the block. And along with this make use of caramel highlights that gives the finishing touch.


The bob is the most iconic of hairstyles and all celebrities have flaunted it at least once in their lifetimes. The people love the haircut and that is exactly the reason it has stayed in for more than a century. It is a tool to look bold, cute, sexy.we would suggest you try the bob at least once.

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