101 The Mullet Hairstyle 2020 [Modern Haircut for Girls, Ladies, Woman]

The Mullet Hairstyle 2020: You either love it or hate it, you can’t deny that this is an iconic haircut of the glorious 1980’s decade. The mullet was omnipresent alongside the punk in the ’80s but it outlived the other styles by adapting and morphing through the decades.

There are multiple variants of the mullet including the classic, the rattail, the overgrown, and the subtle and the temple shave.

The Mullet Hairstyle 2019

The Mullet Hairstyle 2020

Hair length – The Mullet can be adapted to suit all the hair lengths. The crux of the mullet is in the back of the head and not the front. You can cut the hair on the front and top medium or short but the hair at the back has to be left medium-to-long in length.

Hair health – The mullet requires you to have healthy and even hair all around your hair. The density and weight of the hair do not matter as long as the texture is even. You do not need many products to style the mullet, serum, wax and a hairdryer are more than enough.

The modern mullet – When it comes to styling the mullet, the modern mullet is versatile. The modern mullet is based around styling the cut to a medium length trim layered toward the back and leaving a little more length at the back. After you have achieved the desired shape, you can style it messily using just serum. This is one of the best adaptations of the classic mullet.

The slick Mullet – This is another modern take on the mullet that mixes the slickness of the ’70s and the haircut of the ’80s. The cut is almost similar to the modern mullet but is generally left a little longer; around 4 inches. You need some oil to depress your hair at the top and then gently push it back to the nape of your neck. This is a style that can be carried in professional environments as well as at parties.

The rat tail – The rat tail is the wild relative of the mullet and looks like a ponytail if looked at from a distance. It has short to medium hair length around the head with the choice of haircut you want, the only thing you don’t cut is a section of hair at the nape of your head. This looks almost like a tail coming out of your head and hence the name. This is a bold cut and requires considerable confidence to carry.

The long mullet – This is a standard long-haired style an and can be adapted to all hair textures, although the best results come in for wavy or curly hair. The hair at the back is turned back under itself to give a more voluminous appearance. This style emphasizes on the mullet part of the haircut more than anything else. You can style the top of your head in various ways, but the back has to be left exceptionally long.

Faux Hawk Mullet – Adding the Mohawk to a mullet will most certainly toughen the look. To achieve the look, you need a temple fade and hair spiked to the century on the top of the head, leaving the hair at the back of the head to hang loose.

The feathered mullet – For men with a pronounced widow’s peak, the feathered mullet is the way to go. The hair at the peak is cropped shorter than the hair behind it and the mullet is designed right from the front. This is a perfect cut to achieve a stable work-life balance.


The mullet has been around for more than three decades and is not gone anywhere. The haircut has its own community of supporters who refuse to let it die. The mullet is designed to meet the requirements of the person who wants to carry a bold cut to express their individuality. (The Mullet Hairstyle 2019)