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The Quiff Hairstyle 2020: In the quiff cut, hair is cut in a similar way that of the undercut, longer on top and sloped on the sides and back. The difference is on the top of the hair, which is styled upward and back for a textured look.

The Crux of the quiff is in the styling. The quiff, in its most basic form, is a high contrast style, i.e. the hair length at the top of the head is drastically longer than at the sides and the back.

The Quiff Hairstyle 2019

The Quiff Hairstyle 2020

The Look – At first glance, the quiff might look like the pompadour, but this isn’t something you cannot touch once its set, the quiff allows you to run your hand through the hair as and when you like, although doing that too much might take the edge off. It’s a volume-based style dependant on pushing the hair back. The quiff is also more front-heavy than the pompadour. Meaning, it has more volume concentration on the front than the back.

Popularity – In the last decade, the quiff hairstyle has made a comeback. The quiff is now one of the most popular men’s hairstyles. You don’t spot a man with a quiff that often but when you do, it makes your head turn. There’s nothing like the quiff when it comes to finding a perfect work-life balance. This hairstyle will help you rock it in no matter what you wear, basketball shorts or a tailored suit. It is back, and it is here to stay.

Suitability – The quiff made its first appearance in the 1950s. And it is suitable for all hair types as well. This adaptability allows you to alter it to your taste.  It’s also a good hairdo for schools too unless you have a strict dress code.

Advantage – The advantage that you get from the quiff hairstyle: The quiff is majorly seen as a fashion hairstyle, not a lot of people you meet every day are ready to take that much effort. That’s good for you because you will always be able to stand out from the crowd. This means if you choose the quiff, you’re already one step ahead of the others.

Hair length – The quiff hairstyle requires hair length to be between 3 to 6 inches. The longer the hair, the greater the volume, the taller the quiff. The downside to having a quiff is you have to use high-quality products and you have to take an active effort to maintain your hair.

How to – There are a lot of videos on how to style hair into a quiff, you can check those out and then prepare to stun your friends when you step out for a party next time.


The quiff is a versatile haircut and you must try it at least once in your lifetime. It has been around for half a century and has been turning heads all the while. It is not too difficult to maintain and can be carried in all life situation professional of casual. The quiff is the war generation’s gift to the millennials.