101 The Undercut Hairstyle 2020 {Undercut Haircut Girl} Trending Images

The Undercut Hairstyle 2020: The undercut is probably the most trending men’s hairstyle right now. It’s a high contrast cut that focuses the attention to the face and is easily noticeable.

It has been trending for the last two decades and has been a hit with men of all ages.

101 The Undercut Hairstyle 2019

The Undercut Hairstyle 2020

The classic undercut – This is a medium length haircut which involves a high contrast between the hair at the top the head and the sides and back. The hair is generally swept to one side to give a tilted appearance, taller on one side and shorter on the other. The fade is high on the sides and the back.

Fauxhawk undercut – This is a popular interpretation of the laid-back undercut. This is more popular in teens and people in the mid-’20s. The faux hawk is generally styled messily and kept shorter than the standard undercut. This haircut is easy to maintain and can be done in a light color to make it look dramatic.

The slicked back – The slicked back is a very iconic 1930’s style. When the undercut is added to it, it becomes a very modern and subtle take on the ancient style. This style concentrates on the slick factor of the hair and can be achieved using a wet hold gel. This gives it a very slick appearance. The hair, if long, and be braided to achieve a warrior like a look.

The pompadour – The pompadour generally has even sides and a very low fade. The undercut interpretation is simple, the pompadour at the top is cut to the medium or short length and can be styled using a pomade. This makes it look very dramatic.

The messy undercut – The messy undercut is a simple interpretation that requires very little effort. The hair is cut to medium length and can be left a little uneven. This is a very little attention to maintain. A messy haircut is a casual approach to the other variants of the undercut.

Hair length – The advised hair length is medium. Although the haircut works nicely for long and short hair alike. This is a very adaptable haircut and has a little upkeep involved as the cut loses its edge if the fade starts disappearing. So monthly trips to the barber might be required.

Hair health and density – The undercut is compatible with all hair texture and density. Since the undercut is meant to focus the attention to the face, the type of hair rarely matters. Although it is advised that you maintain a regular conditioning routine that suits you.

Work and party – The undercut is suitable for all situations as long as you don’t go too extreme in the styling part. It has a very subtle appearance as long as it is trimmed properly and shaped in a somber way. The advantage is that it takes very little effort to transform this classic cut into a wild Saturday party cut.


The undercut is a hairstyle that is here to stay and has been loved by everyone for its simplicity. This is a haircut that is found to be worn by most teenagers and a lot of adults. This is a very practical haircut as well and does not dig too much into your pockets in the form of products.