Top 30+ Wedding Hairstyles in 2020 – Trending Bridal Hairstyles

Wedding hairstyles: Weddings demand very keen attention on the perfect styling of the hair. Every lady during the wedding season wants to look amazing, and she is very conscious about her whole outlook as she wishes to give the best look on occasions. After the wedding gown, the hairstyle matters a lot.

You don’t want to have the most fantastic hairstyle in your mind, which will not match your facial structure or personal taste. You want something different from the daily routine yet fancy and ooze the wedding occasion. How do you do that? You may ask.

Which are the best Wedding hairstyles you should try for once? 

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A would-be bride, you might be dreaming of getting styled like Aishwarya Rai or Kareena Kapoor on your D-day. You cannot afford to get exclusive latest Lehenga designs for weddings designed by a Bollywood designer or an exquisite piece of jewelry as worn by Kareena Kapoor on her D-day. Still, the Bollywood celebrities hairstyle we easily do without any additional cost.

Lets’ check some best wedding hairstyles which give an impressive look:

Floral low updo:

For a vintage wedding, this hairstyle will add magic to it. The low wavy burn is embedded with a flower crown making the bride look stunning.


In this style, you twist hairpieces from each side and secure it with a bridal elastic band. Finish the look with a ribbon or lace to ensemble the bridal look.

Curls with braids:

Braids and curls are every bride’s best friends. They are both simple and fancy. The hairstyle entails half up and half down messy hair with a braid between the two sections. It will go well with a floaty gown.

Low chignon:

You don’t need curls to look amazing on your wedding day. The straight hair is parted at the center and slicked back. It is then adorned with a bun at the back. The hairstyle looks better with detailed earrings.

Half up twists are a standard and basic haircut that celebrities follow for weddings or any other event. It is ideal when you are pressed for time.

Sleek floral buns seem to be gaining the spotlight off late. It is a timeless and versatile hairstyle.

The messy bun has found linking amongst celebrities like Janhavi Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, and Katrina Kaif.

The tight fishtail option can give you a bohemian vibe. You could add some tiny flowers to it.

The textured ponytail is a great look for a bridesmaid.

If you want a dramatic look, try to side waves. To create the perfect waves, apply some products and hairspray as that will guarantee longevity.


Indian wedding hairstyles are essentially traditional with braids, puffs, buns, and sidelocks. But now the trending one is to copy the celebrity’s hairstyles. And no wonder, many girls try to recreate the styles of their favorite celebrity. Even hairstylists are trying to recreate Bollywood inspired styles for brides.

Though there is a variety of options for a wedding hairstyle, you have to choose which you like as it adds elegance to your wedding look.

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