101 Zayn Malik Hairstyle 2021 [Short, Long, Colour, Let Me, Back View]

Zayn Malik Hairstyle 2021: Zayn Malik, the musical sensation of this generation, has been an inspiration to millions of youngsters due to his music and his admirable looks. Similar to his music, his looks and the hairstyles he carries are always the talks of the town.

However, with his fresh position as a Hollywood royalty, his evolving fashion decisions have been closely monitored, especially fresh hair and styles from Zayn Malik.

His popularity has skyrocketed over the years and his grooming, hairstyles, and his looks alongside his melodious music have played the main role in his increased fanbase.

Zayn Malik Hairstyle 2019

Zayn Malik Hairstyle 2021

Because of countless hairstyles, everyone considers Zayn Malika as an icon of fashion. He formed himself after leaving the One director’s boyband and has been a solo artist ever since.

Hairstyles that go from lengthy skin to buzz reductions, undercuts, falls, and numerous others, Zayn Malik always experiments. No matter which hairstyle he wears, his adherents and adolescence around the globe are a tendency.

There are some mark hairstyles that make his character more charming. If you have anyone to pursue hairstyles, clothing and style declarations, Zayn Malik is the ideal celebrity.

Over the years, he has been involved in different hairstyles and here are some of the finest hairstyles.

The Zayn Quiff – Zayn Malik has chosen quite a different quantity of quiff hairstyle as well because Zayn’s quiff is less trimmed with some residual hair resting on the front of the throat than others. It’s also very different. This glimpse will require a wet grasp fluid and a hairdryer. This hairstyle demands plain hair and looks more like Elvis Presley’s fashion.

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The faux Hawk – This is the smaller, more eroded version of the Mohawk. It appears to taper and falls inverted at the point of the hair. The mode requires mid shorts and generally the hawk is squeezed in the middle and in order to achieve this, you need some skin oil and hair spray. You can make this hairstyle with your fingers and fingers.

The shaggy – Scooby Doo’s comic personality Shaggy influenced this hairstyle. It needs a medium-long hairstyle and a skin trimmed. The structure is messy and the front and back have dominated the part, just like the title of the fashion. The parts are generally bent and the fabric is pushed to the front at the edge.

This west coast-inspired Zayn Malik hairstyle commemorates his younger days with One Direction.

The person which is living bohemian lifestyle, this hairstyle is really perfect for those as it is effortless as well as natural.

If you’re a surfer, hipster or musician, this is an amazing look. It’s a carefree and stylish option that tells us you have better things to do than worry about your hair.

Zayn Malik Undercut hairstyle-He’s not unfamiliar to undercut hairstyles. In his career, he kept several hairstyles of different dimensions and shapes.

To achieve this look, you need to have a ton of volume at the top. Depending on your preference, keep the sides really short. Having your sides close to the skin adds contrast from short to long, giving your look a stylish aesthetic.

The contemporary version of the undercut features a drier finish that showcases texture, so you’re definitely going to need a strong holding product. Strong mens hair clay is the best way to go. If you want to lock in your style, finish it off with hairspray.

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The slicked back – Skin of intermediate to lengthy length is important in this way. The haircut is usually uniform and simple. To form this, you must have wet handle gel and peb. Every skin pulled to the nape of the neck.

Zayn Malik’s hairstyle can often be found trending on social media. In fact, if you search “Zayn Malik hairstyle tutorial” on YouTube, you’ll get a countless number of videos.

How to get the look:

First, grow your hair out! It needs to cover your entire forehead. This requires a lot of patience, especially when it hits that awkward stage.

You need to visit the nearby salon when your hair starts looking like a mop. You need to ask the barber or stylist to use shearing clippers to provide it layers and height, so the shag doesn’t look flat. An additional tip is to bring a photo with you for reference.

The Zayn Malik Brush/Slick Back:

How to get the look:

All you need is pomade and a comb. Then, brush your hair back using the comb. That’s it!

The Zayn Malik Angular Fringe

Think of a sensitive bad boy in a leather jacket and ripped jeans. This style is perfect for that image. This is similar to the undercut but instead the fringe curves to one angle. It’s not only a playful take on the side part or comb over, but also a great look for going edgy.

How to get the look:

If the front doesn’t curve, fear not! Use a curling iron on your bangs to get that natural swoop. In addition, a blow dryer will help lift the roots. Just make sure to use a heat protectant spray to protect those locks.

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The Zayn Malik Buzz Cut

This style is famous in the year of 2018. He gave one the best and bold statement in purpose of this hairstyle.

In fact he sported this look when he left 1D. He also went buzz right after his break up with Gigi Hadid. Coincidence much? This year, Zany’s buzz cut showcases a head tattoo to remind everyone that he’s still the hair king.

How to get the look:

Need we say more? This hairstyle comes with the least maintenance. This look suits best with a nicely shaped beard to add contrast.



Zayn Malik Long Hairstyle

Zayn Malik Long Hairstyle


Zayn Malik is a famous model and style icon for his outstanding understanding. He maintains various hairstyles readily and perfectly.

By drawing attention to it and advising a good designer you can also readily form your skin. Zayn Malik always one of the best style-icon for millions of his fans.